Nirav Saraiya


  • Looking for a position which expands my desire to know the things as it is. As a Core Functional Team Member with in a Company I will contribute with my Strong Analytical and in depth organizational functional skill.

Carrier Path & Learning:

  • Total 20+ Years of rich experience in various industrial field, currently in demand. From manufacturing to service, product development to procurement and from HR to accounts. In engineering industry I have worked from 3.3V up to 11KV. From hardware to software. From machine to human.
  • Since July 2016 working as a 3D Printer FDM machine developer and freelancer.  Assembled and tested my own fabricated open sourced FDM 3D Printer  of two different size 200x200x200mm and 250x250x325mm. Material tested are PLA and ABS. Constant printing of 24×7 job successfully printed for casting job and field application. Have also worked on wood router for fab-lab.
  • July 2012 – Jun 2016 worked with Kishore Vadilal Pvt. Ltd. Company mainly operating in the area of exploration mining accessories manufacturing and capitalized machinery trade and service business, Where explore metallurgy through material group SAE1541 and 4130 used in drill rods. Do lot many experiment through induction hardening on drill pipe and   after that machining effect to achieve desired product quality. Represented KVPL in USA Ridge Tool company (an Emerson Group) as an Indian service provider for their underground utility product based on Radio Frequency.
  • May 2008 – Jan 2011 working with Mamata Hydco Pvt. Ltd. Now it is HYDCO Engineering Pvt. Ltd. And 100% Australian owned company. This was a joint venture with Mamata Group and Hydco International in the field of exploration mining and conceptualized heavy construction machinery development and manufacturing. My key role is looking after electrical part of the product, Plant electrical Maintenance and to “Design, run and upgrade” cost effective, secure and viable IT and Surveillance Network of the entire organization.
  • Jan 1994 –  July 2004 working with “Eltromat India Pvt. Ltd.” which was a joint venture between ATE Group of company and eltromat de. At eltromat I had started my carrier as Junior Technician and ended as an Assistant Manager. There I had learned about what are technology, why it is, How to manufacture it and How to use and implement it correctly on good behalf of everyone. There we have also learned best manufacturing practices its advantages, effects on environment and ecology. Obviously it was only possible with the involvement of every one’s and best usage of technology in to production, planning and execution. Eltormat’s all products were very much advance in technology and meant for waste reduction in printing process through technology with information to higher management about production, process and parameters. Our desire for quality, productivity and enhancement in the life will be developed during this.
  • Aug 2004 – April 2008. In year 2004 the tie up between eltromat Germany and India was ended and we have given option for VRS. I found that as an opportunity to upgrade my skills and apply for what I had learned during those in past eleven years. I have enriched myself during this gap of 4 Years (From Year 2004 to 2008) with lots of new things in my life by attending so many small courses/ Programs in the area of management and technology. Studied at Hydrabad in 2004 a one month short duration program in SAP SD module and in Network technology through CCNA course material. To support my zeal to learn-unlearn process I have started to provide IT support services in small scale industries with the name of “ELECOMP SYSTEM”. I had served small number of organization as a complete solution provider in the field of IT and its application. My key working areas were computer hardware software support, CCTV systems and repairing of electrical instruments. My some of the prime customers were Genest Engineering, Vatva; Micromech Products Pvt. Ltd., Lambha. etc… During this period I was also working for BLUE SKY Management Service; which is an ISO consulting firm, located at Vatva GIDC; and as a support personal for their clients for documentation work.

Total Experience:

In no of Years:  more than 15Years. In chunk of 15 different pieces.

At Hydro Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Designated as a Senior Executive Engineer Electrical and current role was IT and Maintenance. As an Engineer I was looking after all needs of electrical work in our product from circuit design, EDI generation for system, vendor development and purchase for new component up to manufacturing. The process in brief is from Item Code generation, Bill of Material Entry, Engineering Change Note and Customer Change Note Preparation in engineering module, Work order, Job Card creation, Material Allocation De allocation in Planning Module, Vendor Entry, Item Purchase master entry, Tax Structure and Rate Master Entry in Purchase Module, Material Request Note, Extra Issue Note, Labor Hour entry in production Module etc.. In our ERP system.
  • I am also looking after IT department as a System and Network Administrator. Here I have designed deployed, wired and established entire local area network with more than 25nodes by self, having our own Windows Server 2008 based File Server, SQL Database Server, Trend Antivirus Server, M-Deamon Email Server and CCTV based camera and its Surveillance Video Server. I have best used my IT expertise for maintenance of organization computer data-voice network, CCTV surveillance system and day to day problem solving both for hardware software issues.
  • As a Maintenance engineer for plant during past more than three years I have handled and short out issues related with electrical power and distribution system, DG Set, HT/LT Panel and other plant machinery like welding machines, grinders, EOT cranes, Screw Compressor, RO Plant etc.
  • I can very well understand all kind of panel fabrication drawings, single line diagrams, flow charts, logic diagrams and wiring diagram also. With little practise I can also draw panel wiring and mounting diagram in AutoCAD or any cad package like eplan.

At eltromat India Pvt. Ltd.

As an Assistant Manager, organization has demanded from me to be looking after all production activities, including in house repair activities and development activities. I was deployed for customer support and service issues in special cases and have successfully handled all of them.

I had planned and successfully handled the same in the following manner with the great confidence and highest level of quality.

  • Based on yearly Sales forecast and Budget Planned the Production Cycle, Execute the same and monitor bi-monthly basis to achieve highest level of productivity with controlled inventory.
  • With higher standard of technical skill, I use to provide best after sales support & services for my all customers in house as well as on site.
  • As a key person for development activities

Always thrive for a better import substitute items in Indian market. Convince and implement 1.5-3% of indigenization every year. Preparation of all engineering documents in CAD and spreadsheets, integrate all them in to MIS system, Modification and ECN activities.

  • Achieved highest standard of productivity, with keeping minimum workforce only 5-6work man and belief in empowerment to workforce with a continuous motivation to develop & extract various skills out of them.
  • Conducted organizational training programs for various types of people on various subject. I was designated as a 5S Auditor for ATE Group Company.
  • Additionally handled IT

Have provided efficient services to all employ as a key IT person.

This includes configuration of email services, backup of user data & Internet access to them. This was with minimal spares and healthy business relationship with hardware maintainers. I have gathered Good knowledge on networking.



I see myself as a hardworking, sincere & dedicated Team worker with strong sense of commitment & integrity. I believe in having a positive attitude towards my work & life. I strongly believe that my endeavor for continues learning, nurturing good relationship with peers & pursue for excellence can be put to effective use in achievement of my career Objective. The importance of our heritage in social engineering is too much for me and is instigating me to think differently.

Personal Information:


Marital status: Married, Have one child Jash Saraiya

Hobby [Personal Interests]: Reading books. Learning and understanding Technology.

EDUCATION: D.E.R.E. (DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS & RADIO ENGINNERING)                               Passed In Year 1993 From: AHMEDABAD (G.T.E.B) with First Class.

: H.S.C Year 1990 with science subject total score 65%

: S.S.C Year 1988 with technical subject total score 83%

: COMPUTER Literacy Average

Hard Ware – AMD, Intel, Embedded, Server, LAN, ADSL, Switch….

Software – OS all Microsoft like WINXP, WIN2K, Win2008, WinCE and Linux. Application Packages like MSOffice, ACAD,SolidWorks and ORCAD, ERP & MIS software’s like SAPR/3 4.7B, IMMS, and TALLY etc.

: Country Visited – U.S.A (B1/B2 Visa till 2023), Japan

Courses and Programs attended

  • 2015 Onwards attended many courses on
  • Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker – Year 2009 – From Reliance Web World, Total Duration 4Hours online + 16Hours Video Based Tutorial – Mainly for understanding computer security basic principles.
  • Open Learning Program in Entrepreneurship – Year 2005 and 2006 – From EDI Bhatt and CED – Ahmedabad – For understanding Business its objectives and how best we achieve them.
  • SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution Module – Year 2004 – Preen InfoTech Hydrabad – For better understanding ERP system and to chooser explore ERP option as a carrier.
  • Lotus 123 – Year 2002 – ACT Ahmedabad
  • MCSA – Year 1998 – ACT Maninagar Branch Ahmedabad – To understand computer networking and system administration to satisfy job requirement as a new chalange.
  • Soldering techniques – Year 1996 – ERTL Bombay – To improvise my own workman ship and achieve better quality out put and day to day company’s work.
  • TV Repair Technician – Year 1992 – Ankur Electronics – To practically understand what exactly electronics is and how to work on electronics product.
  • IELTS 2015 with 5.5Band and many many more short term and e-learning’s
  • GD&T and gauge designing, RPT, CNC programming basic etc….
  • Member of Ahmedabad British Library for more than 20Years and subscriber of Electronics for You, Open Source for You for more than 10Years.


Place: AHMEDABAD                                                                                   

 (Nirav B. Saraiya)

Date: 05th Aug 2018

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